Promate PowerScale – Power bank with Digital Scale Red

  • Compatibility: Almost all smartphones
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Portable power bank with three concealed interfaces: Apple Lightning dock, micro-USB dock and USB device charging port
  • In-built cable for Lightning and Micro-USB
  • Folded cable and iPhone connector means bringing extra cables are unnecessary

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11 in stock

Create wonders with this multi-function 3-in-1 product power scale. With 3 distinct features, power scale is surely a product you do not want to miss upon. Use the portable digital weighing scale with an ultra-tough lanyard to weigh luggage up to 50kg. The built-in 2600mAh power bank allows you to charge your USB powered smartphones on-the-go. The ultra-bright LED light adds on to the functionality. powerScale is the perfect travel accessory.

  • Multi-function 3-in-1 Device
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Portable Digital Weighing Scale
  • Durable & Strong Lanyard
  • Multiple Weighing Units
  • Superior Grip
  • Powerful Power Bank
  • Compact and Lightweight: Extremely compact and lightweight, carry Promate powerScale wherever you go
  • Portable Digital Weighing Scale: A portable digital weighing scale that can weigh up to 50kg
  • Durable and Strong Lanyard: A durable and strong lanyard that can easily weigh up to 50kg
  • Multiple Weighing Units: Switch and choose between grams(g), ounce (Oz), kilogram (kg) and pound (lb.) as per your convenience
  • Superior Grip: powerScale is easy to carry and provides a solid grip while you weigh your luggage
  • Powerful Power Bank: Powerful 2600mAh power bank to charge your USB powered smartphone on-the-go
  • Ultra-bright LED Light: The ultra-bright LED light adds on to the functionality
  • Safe and Reliable: powerScale features over-charging protection
  • Compatibility: The power bank is compatible with all USB powered smartphones
  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Input: DC 5V, 1A
  • Output: DC 5V, 1A
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